Officially Google Starts Code Search Tool For AOSP


Recently, Google brought a public code search device for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), in an effort to make it easier to have interaction with the Android code base.


The Android repository is made up of a set of git repositories which can be controlled together using our ‘repo’ tool. Because of this, most tools (together with github, gitweb, etc) can’t see the source code the manner that it’s laid out when it’s looked at at the system.

Here are some features you may take benefit of beginning today:

  • AOSP tool allows to view the source code
  • Navigate cross-references throughout the entire code base that can help you click via one part of the source code to another
  • Switch between Android’s open source branches (now not all branches may have cross-reference information)

Here you can view AOSP tool documentation:

GOOGLE says: This is the start of our journey, and whilst today now not all elements of the Android code base are cross-referenced, you can expect to peer this grow over time.

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